Girls, girls, girls!

I had the pleasure this morning of meeting two beautiful baby girls. Today was actually their due date, but they are now about 3 weeks old. Miss H pretty much slept the whole time and let me do whatever I wanted, while Miss O on the other hand didn't want to sleep and miss anything!! She definitely had some of her own idea's!!

Miss H:

Miss O... who did eventually succumb to my wiley ways (space heater and some cooing!)

Big sister B...who finally got her turn!

Sister sandwich!

I'm telling you, a diva in the making!

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melissa Johnston said...

I love your work!!! I don't do many baby shoots, because I don't really specialize in that but my sister is preggos and I cannot wait to just experiment on him or her :) Do you get those wraps from that lady online? Ummm...I forget her name - is it Heather?

Christine Melenhorst

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