Miss A...

I was so lucky this afternoon to meet Miss A and her wonderful family! I have to say, I think she was the quietest and most laid back baby I've had the chance to photograph. Here's a sneak peek:

Kung Fu...

So, I learned today that I am no competition for Kung Fu Panda!! Mr. H did a great job this morning - so full of fun!! But in the end, that big panda was calling! Here's a sneak peek:



We almost made it through this session without any incidents, but then without fail when we moved to a carpeted area, Miss K let it all out!! Mom and Dad were great and took it all in stride! And we managed to capture some gorgeous images!



My favorite thing after a session is finished is coming home, downloading the images to my computer and looking through all the moments that I've captured. These images tell a fantastic story which is easy to see when you look at them all together.

So, I've decided to revamp my website galleries to convey people's stories. I think the impact of multiple images, shown together, is greater and conveys more emotion. Not to say that a single image can't tell it's own story!

I love the way the galleries have come together and I will be alternating each families story as I get to capture more moments. I've also added some my favorites in their own gallery and will continue to add more and more.

Let me know what you think!!


Girl Fix!

As most know, my house is full of testosterone!! I am definitely out numbered! But today my house was full of beautiful ladies!! I love these girls (and their brother) and always enjoy when they come over to play!!

As you can see, my youngest likes beautiful ladies too!! He's already started saying he's going to marry this one!!


Mr. G... one year later!

I've been so fortunate over the past few weeks to go back and see how some of "my" newborns have grown. Mr. G has turned into such a fun and friendly guy!! Here's a sneak peek from yesterday's session:


Miss M...

I had the opportunity to meet beautiful Miss M this morning. She is 10 days old and she made us work hard for these sleepy shots!! Thanks to everyone for their patience. Here's a sneak peek:


Happy Miss A...

I had so much fun this morning meeting Miss A and her family. She is one of the happiest 6 months old I've had the opportunity to meet and even put up with multiple outfit changes!! I think they've got a model in the making!! Here's a sneak peek:

Christine Melenhorst

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