Last, but not least...

I can't believe how quickly January has gone by!  I had my last session for this month, this morning and got to meet a great couple and their energetic puppy!! I can't wait to meet their baby next month. Here's a sneak peek:



After finishing up with this session, I just had to put the images together into a slideshow!!


Baby on the way...

I had so much fun this afternoon with a wonderful couple who are expecting their first baby next month. I also got to meet their current "baby" Lily - who is one of the best models I've ever had!! Can't wait to meet you're baby girl next month! Here's a sneak peek:


3 Weeks...

I had so much fun this morning meeting Miss M. She is so expressive and sweet and makes the best grunts and squeaks!! I also got to meet her handsome big brother Mr. L who loves his baby sister. Here's a sneak peek:

A big thanks to my cousin for her tutu making skills! You can check out some of her other fantastic baby stuff at For Goodies Sake.


Girls, girls, girls!

I had the pleasure this morning of meeting two beautiful baby girls. Today was actually their due date, but they are now about 3 weeks old. Miss H pretty much slept the whole time and let me do whatever I wanted, while Miss O on the other hand didn't want to sleep and miss anything!! She definitely had some of her own idea's!!

Miss H:

Miss O... who did eventually succumb to my wiley ways (space heater and some cooing!)

Big sister B...who finally got her turn!

Sister sandwich!

I'm telling you, a diva in the making!


I'm not above bribing!!

And this is why:

Big man J was so good to me during the maternity session in the fall and his new baby brother was just as fantastic and cute to boot:

Thanks Dan...I mean Ron!!

I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful couple yesterday who are expecting their first child next month. However, I was the one with "baby-brain" as I consitantly called daddy-to-be by the wrong name! I promise I will get it right when I see you next month!! Here's a sneak peek:


Miss A... One Year Later!

Remember this beautiful face?

Well here she is one year later!!

I had so much fun coming back to see everyone! Can't wait to get to the rest of these photos - Miss A was such a character!!


Happy New Year!

I'm a little bit late with the holiday wishes, but I hope everyone survived!! I got to start off 2009 with a great family. These guys were so much fun to hang out with this morning and it was wonderful getting to know everyone! Here's a sneak peek:

Christine Melenhorst

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