6 months...

I was so looking forward to this session this morning!! I got to come back and see Mr. Z who I last saw when he was only about 7lbs! Man, has he grown into the sweetest guy!! Such a charmer, who by the way, gave the best reaction to my sheepskin rug!! Here's a sneak peek:



I had the pleasure this afternoon to meet Miss K. She decided to come a bit earlier than expected, but she was fun and feisty!! Here's a sneak peek:

No matter how hard we tried, Miss K would have nothing to do with this basket, so the cats took advantage!!



     So, a common question I get asked is why I called my photography business LOVE.BUNNY.Photography?  
     I started taking photography seriously after I had my first son. He was such a great little guy to photograph with his big brown eyes and smiling face. And, he's put up with so many of my idea's - poor kid! I've dragged him all over the country side and he never complains! 
     Now, both of my kids love to use our point and shoot camera and it makes me so happy to see them excited about what they've captured - even if it is only the floor, for the hundredth time!
     So why LOVE.BUNNY? Well, my oldest son has this little white bunny, that he just can't live without and he loves it to pieces. I associate my love of photography with his relationship with his bunny. Both give each of us joy and excitement.
     For convenience, I've been shortening my business name to LB Photography - but in my heart it will always be LOVE.BUNNY.Photography!


8 weeks...

I found a great way to spend a Monday morning - hanging out with one of the happiest 8 week old boys I've had the chance to meet. Mr. C was so much fun and put up with all of our idea's. Here's a sneak peek:

I also got to meet Curly!

Christine Melenhorst

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